Saturday, May 25, 2013

Earliest National Day Celebration Events

In case you ever wanted to know which countries celebrate the earliest events in their national holiday, here is a list for those countries commemorating events which occurred before 1800 (source mostly Wikipedia).

YearCountryCelebrated Event
660 BCJapanCoronation Day First Emperor Jimmu
301San MarinoIndependence from the Roman Empire
461IrelandDeath of St. Patrick
1291SwitzerlandAlliance against the Holy Roman Empire
1492SpainColumbus Discovers America
1523SwedenElection of Gustav Vasa as King of Sweden
1580PortugalDeath of National Poet Luís de Camões
1776United StatesDeclaration of Independence from Great Britain
1788AustraliaFounding of Sydney
1789FranceStorming of the Bastille
1791PolandConstitution of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth

The list does not include sub-national territories where Scotland (70), England (303), Wales (589), Faroe Islands (1030), Minorca (1287), Catalonia (1714) and Sardinia (1794) also celebrate events before 1800.

Apologies if I have missed any event in the above list.

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