Monday, November 05, 2012

Chile's Export Destinations and Products

Based on data from Chile's national costums service and export promotion agency (ProChile), we put together the following table of countries ranked by their exports for the first three quarters (January to September 2012) with the following data points:
  • country (only 25 largest export destinations)
  • export share (of January to September 2012 total)
  • change relative to same period in 2011
  • main export product

Some observations:
  • the nine largest export market all suffered a decrease in line with the overall decrease of 7.7% (not shown on above table)
  • largest export market is China by a wide margin followed by USA and Japan
  • significant increases in exports to India, Australia and Switzerland
  • significant decreases in exports to Netherlands, Italy, Mexico, Canada, France and Germany
  • stable exports to Spain (where a significant decrease might have been expected)

As expected, copper is the principal export product for most markets. The following export categories are exceptions to the rule:
  • Services for Peru and Argentina
  • Gold for Switzerland
  • Fruit for Colombia and Ecuador
  • Wine for UK

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